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Other Pelagic Species

SSF GROUP is one of major supplier of wide variety of pelagic species that are used for fishing bait as well as human consumption. Such as Saury, Mackerel and Sardines.

Pet Food Ingredients

safety and reliable ingredient supplier.

We offer customized solutions based on our customers’ requirements, including access to a wide range of high nutritional value proteins. Our several years of experience in the pet food market give us expert insight into the best ways to source, move and handle these ingredients.

Animal Feed Ingredients

Formulating cost and value
When it comes to animal feed, our customers need a partner who can deliver flexible and valuable nutrition solutions. That’s what we do every day. Whether it’s for a dairy, feedmill or another animal feed manufacturer, we help customers source a safe and stable supply of ingredients that meet their unique ration and cost parameters.

Raw Materials

SSF GROUP is a leading supplier of tuna, and other pelagic species to the Thailand, Vietnam and Philippines markets. Raw materials are provided to customers based on specific needs.

Our cooperation of fishing vessels can be found fishing in the Pacific and Indian Oceans all year around. The raw materials are then delivered directly to processing/packing plants to ensure a stable supply for our customers and canneries.