https://www.ssf-usa.com/contact.html SSF GROUP https://www.ssf-usa.com/images/corpimg.png 5900 Balcones Drive, Ste 100, Austin, Tx, USA. $ 646-850-586 SSF GROUPwhich was founded in Texas, USA.We are a trading company that distributes frozen food products worldwide. We specialize in supplying Tuna, fishmeal, fish oil and fish (also fish by-products) from our network of suppliers and delivering to customers anywhere in the world. Our team has over 113 years of experience working with fresh frozen foods on multiple continents.SSF GROUP SpiritDevelop and innovate and keep pace with the times.S- Safety.S- Sustainable.F- Flexible.SSF GROUP VisionBecome an international outstanding distributor of Frozen Food components.SSF GROUP Purpose.Customer first and common development.
https://www.ssf-usa.com/ SSF GROUP

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